Kids' bedroom: a room full of life, a room for expression and creativity, for dreams and imagination. Neoset's bedrooms for kids are designed to meet all needs of children. Neoset's new suggestions for the kids' bedrooms are also addressed to younger ages -from 4-year olds- and come in new colours (pink, light blue and red) as well as in unusual combinations (shades of red, fuchsia and pink). Our decorators give a complete result using lights and carpets made of safe materials as well as linen which you may choose from our specially designed kids' collections, for boys and girls. Neoset collections give you the possibility to create any style you wish in your kid's bedroom, whether romantic or -why not- "rock", using pastel or vivid colours depending on the case. All furniture are safe, with curved edges, drawers with built-in stops and counterbalance systems in some furniture, so that it won't fall down and cause injuries.